A Week In Philly

July 19, 2010

photo by Brainne Edge

I’ve been performing for ComedySportz off and on for a while now. Since 1999.

Lately Deanna and I have been discussing different things about improv. Namely, why do people continue to perform in many various theaters around Chicago for next-to-no pay, and more than likely exactly-no pay? It’s a drug, that is why. The high you get from going into a situation where you have no memorized scripts, yet you have to sustain an audience’s interest for 20-90 minutes depending gives you a rush. Even more so if it goes over big.

So, why do I jump from talking about CSz to talking about drug addiction? Because once a year CSz has a World Championship where all the 20+ cities with CSz teams send representatives to a chosen location to battle it out for the Meaningless Cup™! AND…this is like traveling to a place that is Jamaica, Colombia, and Amsterdam wrapped together in that you get a huge improv high.

This year was in Philadelphia, PA and it was a huge rush.

It is always a special situation at the Championships because you’re not just performing, you’re hanging out with people who do the same type of show, people who are in your ensemble that you might not spend much time with in normal life, and everyone gets the opportunity to take workshops on various topics. Major hang-time means everyone is really close by the end. Family.

Also like drugs, getting torn away cold turkey kinda sucks.

So, to help with rehab, here is a list of bits that only a few people will get:

-Just think…tits.
-Rrrrrrrap Battle (?!)
-pyow pyow I’m
-I think I’m thinking of cockroaches
-I think I’m thinking of antelopes
-Gaudety gonna start
-“[the problem was] I was only dating locals.” boooooooo…”I’m from Jersey”…oh! yayyyY!

To everyone that saw me perform, liked what I did, and was kind enough to come up and introduce themselves, thanks. I’ve been doing this awhile and I appreciate the kind words. I try to keep it fresh for the people who’ve been doing it a lot…mostly for my own amusement.

To everyone who didn’t introduce yourself, you should have; who I didn’t introduce myself to, I’m sorry; who I HAD been introduced to and then reintroduced myself to after forgetting, whooa…sorry…I can only think of two people off hand.

And lastly, to the concept “quiet coyote”…I will hunt you.

Now it is time for rehab, then back to casual use. Hopefully I’ll be there when it all happens again next year.