Rance…Where Are You?

June 2, 2010

“Hey Rance…where are you performing?” you might ask.

Right now I’m performing for very select groups. Meaning, you have to be following my foursquare posts like a (st)hawk(er) to see which open mics I’m doing, you have to belong to a company that has hired a show for their company event, or you have to be a middle schooler renting out a theater for your end-of-year trip to Chicago. That’s the long way of saying all my shows have been open mics or private events. Thus the lack of advertising in that events listing over there to the right.

Very soon you will be able to see more of me in a public capacity.

Deanna and I are participating in this year’s The Dual Duel two person improv contest 9pm Sundays at ComedySportz.

The Beatbox will be doing a 6-week run midnight Saturdays at iO Chicago starting June 26th. Hip-hop improv!

And I’m working my way into the stand-up scene in Chicago. Stay tuned!