To the Sky!

April 23, 2010

As we were entering our final two weeks of the cruise there were two things we wanted to do. One of these things was a helicopter ride. Being in Hawaii as long as we had gave us opportunities to ask around.

You may remember earlier in the cruise we did an airplane tour over the volcano on the big island. While that was great, we were a little jealous as we saw helicopters far below us doing the same tour.

So, on the island of Kauai, we went with the Jack Harter open-air helicopter tour. It was a little expensive, but it was definitely worth it.

Kauai is the island where a lot of movies and TV shows were filmed or partially filmed, like Jurassic Park, MASH, Fantasy Island, and Tropic Thunder.

The tour went all over the island and the Napali coast was amazing. If you’re ever in Kauai, spend the money and make sure it is the open air tour.