All It Takes Is One Weird Laugh

February 2, 2010

In the show I’m currently doing for one company on another company’s form of mass-transportation I’m in a scene with Deanna. I’m a guy preparing for a date with her…she is a blow-up doll. All she has to do is lay on some chairs, pretend to get inflated, hold the standard blow-up doll pose, then deflate. Easy, right?

This scene is usually a heavy hitter because of the ridiculousness of it all. For one gentleman sitting far back stage right it was the funniest thing he had seen in a long, long time. His laugh was…well…IS impossible to describe accurately in text. Let’s just say it was a funny laugh.

When his laugh was mixed in with everyone else’s at the “reveal” that Deanna is a blow-up doll, not so bad. When the laughter has died down as people wait to see what the next beat will be and all you can hear from the stage is that one guy’s laugh. Well…that is enough to make a blow-up doll start to giggle.

Deanna broke. And a few seconds later, so did I. Holding that pose seems easy enough until you realize that it means they can’t move the whole time. Watching the fight between trying to hold that pose while actually laughing was what pushed me over the edge.

In other news, whales are jumping like crazy today in Hilo. The moms are teaching their young how to breach. I clocked it at about six breaches a minute…for real.