Prep Time

January 29, 2010

This is the fourth time Deanna and I have worked out on the cruise ships. We’ll have logged over 16 months of cruise time by the time we get back to Chicago. If we have learned one thing about this lifestyle it is “Saved money spends fast.” Meaning, when we get back to Chicago there will be something that takes away the money we saved up. Whether it is car repair, first and last month’s rent on a new apartment…or more likely in this case, a new bed.

Luckily we are using our time wisely and getting ready to have the ball rolling before we get back so that we’re actually getting into the swing of things when we return.

One thing that we’re looking forward to doing is performing our two-person, award winning show The R&D Project present: Silent Treatment. “How can I find out more?” you are probably asking. is now up and running. We’ll be working on it as we cruise so check back often.