Winter. We Meet Again.

November 22, 2010


I’ve been living in Chicago since 2003. I know what winter is like here, and I was lucky enough to have a mild one my first year here to help me ease into it. Through my jobs and travels I have been able to avoid the last three winters here. Working on the NCL ships for Second City Theatricals almost always took me someplace warm. The closest I got to a winter was porting in NYC every Saturday for 5 hours. One time we even had about a quarter inch of snow on the deck as we set sail for warmer waters.

This will be my first Chicago winter in a while and I think I’m weak. When we had our first 50 degree day and I was chilled to the core I knew I was in trouble. Slowly, I’m adjusting. The weather has been nice enough to throw in a couple of warm bumps…giving me a little more time to prepare.

Preparation for me has been all about affordable gear, and I’m almost complete. I picked up about 4 thermal shirts from Target, finally they are making clothes that are skinny AND have long enough sleeves. While on a remote show for iO Chicago we stopped at a mall because we had a few hours to kill. Found a puffy coat on super sale at Burlington Coat factory. It is a Phat Farm classic, so…yeah, I’m pretty gangsta. While on an emceeing job downtown I had a couple hours in between and headed off to find the most important piece: water-proof boots.

I’m excited about snow. And now I can walk in it. We’ve been apart a while now, Winter. Let’s meet.