I’m a Father!

January 26, 2010

Well…sort of. We went to a beach yesterday. I think it was Kanapali or something like that. On Maui, by a place called Black Rock and another place called Sheraton Inn.

There was supposed to be good snorkeling out there and Tamara is visiting so we all went out.

When we first got there we found some waves that looked like they would be fun to body surf on. Just near the shore so we didn’t have to go out too far.

We may have successfully body surfed once or twice. The rest of the time was what could lightly be referred to as “unsuccessful.”

I got rolled pretty hard…a lot. The nice thing is it clears out the sinuses pretty well.

After that we headed over to the snorkeling. There was another cruise ship around the island so there were a bunch of people out there. I hate snorkeling in crowded waters. Too many dipshits swimming around looking at anything but where they’re going. So, I didn’t spend as much time out there as the rest, but there were turtle sightings and Jen and Larrance saw a spotted ray and heard whale songs out further around the Black Rock.

After we were done I took my camera case up to the shower to rinse of the salt water (the case is waterproof). While I was doing that a lady and her two young daughters walked up behind me. As I was rinsing the camera one of the little girls said “What are you doing, daddy?”

So, I’m a father.