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January 18, 2010
photo by Mike Kosinski

photo by Mike Kosinski

I’ll have photos later on Facebook and Flickr…but not that great.

Last week we went on a whale watch/snorkel excursion. Between December and March the whales come back here to…do it. So, lately we can see them splashing around a bit. In a few weeks they’re supposed to get really crazy while they teach the calves to breach.

While we were out on the boat for the excursion we had a mother, calf, and escort literally go underneath our ship and pop out right on the other side. My camera was being a real turd so my shots weren’t that good.

Yesterday we were in Maui and went to a couple of places with traditional Hawaiian names: Acid War Zone and The Blowhole.

The war zone is named because the salt spray from the ocean has eaten away the rocks and such, and blow hole is a hole in the ground that connects to the ocean creating a huge spray.